2 – Sign your APPX

  1. Open App Signer and double Click to Run Program. 
  2. If you are prompted with the below error, enable developer mode through the link to your computer settings. 
    Enable Developer mode
  3. Find your App Path ‐ Browse to the published APPX file that you desire to signPublisher ID ‐ This is the Publisher ID that was used during publishing. 
  4. Publishing Info
    Key Name ‐ This can be anything that you desire. Ideal use case is to enter in the name of the Application without spaces.
    Click Sign App
  5. appsigner
    Follow the prompts to generate and enter a password for your key.
    You are now ready to Side Load your game for ad‐hoc testing
  6. To Side Load for Testing. Browse to directory that has the signed APPX
  7. Right Click the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 and choose Run in Power Shell. Follow the prompts in Power Shell
  8. Installing powershell
    Once PowerShell finishes, go to the Start screen and you should see your app’s tile. Click it to launch the game.