Why am I seeing a grey screen when I press preview?

This is most likely due to compatibility issues between your computer and GameSalad Creator. Please check that your Intel drivers are up to date. You can update them here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ If the issue persists once you’ve ran their Driver Update Utility please run a program called “DXDiag” on your Windows machine. […]

How do I restart my subscription?

If your subscription has expired due to a manual cancellation or nonpayment log into GameSalad.com and go to your Account Settings page.  Then click the “Restart My Subscription” button. This will take you through the normal purchasing flow for you to start a new subscription.  

How do I uninstall GameSalad Creator?

Mac: To uninstall GameSalad, drag the GameSalad app to the Trash and empty your trashcan. Windows: To uninstall GameSalad go to “Uninstall or change a program” in Control Panel. Locate GameSalad Creator, right click and select uninstall (Note: You may also have the GameSalad Viewer Connector installed, and if so it […]

2 – Sign your APPX

Open App Signer and double Click to Run Program.  If you are prompted with the below error, enable developer mode through the link to your computer settings.  Find your App Path ‐ Browse to the published APPX file that you desire to signPublisher ID ‐ This is the Publisher ID […]