What is the GameSalad Viewer?

The GameSalad Viewer is an app that runs on mobile and connected devices to help you quickly and easily preview and test your GameSalad games on those devices. Click the platform to visit the download page for each available viewer. To use the GameSalad Viewer, any devices running the Viewer […]

What are GameSalad’s system requirements?

Windows Users Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 Core 2 Duo or Later CPU required. Minimum of 2GB of RAM recommended For native preview: OpenGL 2.0 support 256MB VRAM For Android publishing: Java 6, 7, or 8. Android SDK. Mac Users Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or later. Core 2 […]

What information does GameSalad collect about my app?

Since May 2018, GameSalad no longer collects analytics as a third party from published games. If you are deploying a game published before May 2018, the following apply: When you install or run Apps or Games developed with GameSalad, we may collect some or all of the following information about […]

How many licenses do I need for my classroom?

If you’re purchasing GameSalad for institutional use, you’ll need licenses for each potential user.  Each student will have their own license so that they can have access to their projects through their GameSalad portfolio as well as work on projects from home.  

How does GameSalad help teach programming?

Because GameSalad is a drag-and-drop tool that does not require writing actual code, a question we often get is “how can this actually help students learn how to program?”   The answer is that understanding how to program is much more than typing syntax (which is often where introductory programming courses begin, […]

Can students under the age of 13 use GameSalad?

To ensure compliance with COPPA regulations, GameSalad prohibits anyone under the age of 13 from creating a GameSalad account. In a classroom scenario, educators can keep students’ privacy protected and still use GameSalad by creating accounts owned by the educator or institution and ensuring that students do not divulge any personally […]

For what grade levels is GameSalad for Education suitable?

We’ve seen GameSalad used in middle schools all the way up to post-graduate classes, but the majority of our institutional customers are high schools. Many of today’s students are digital natives who are comfortable with sophisticated authoring tools and embrace the “maker” mentality — GameSalad is a great fit for […]