What are the best audio and image file formats to use?

While GameSalad support a large variety of file types, we recommend the following for optimal compatibility and performance: For audio files, we recommend Ogg Vorbis. For image files, 24-bit uncompressed PNG’s are best.  We strongly recommend that you *not* run your images through compression utilities before importing. If you are having […]

What Android permissions do GameSalad apps require to run?

PHOTOS/MEDIA/FILES – android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This is required to write temporary data and save games to any memory phone storage device, whether USB or internal SD card. This requirement changed slightly in Android kit kat 4.4, but we still need it to support older versions.   DEVICE ID & CALL INFORMATION – android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE We use […]

Does GameSalad offer education discounts?

Yes!  If you are a student or educator looking for a discount on a single seat of GameSalad, we currently offer 50% off a GameSalad Pro annual subscription.   Click here to get started! If you are an educator interested in multi-seat licensing for your classroom, we offer extremely affordable […]

Does GameSalad offer a textbook?

Yes!  The Official GameSalad Guide to Game Development by Jeannie Novak is our textbook offering.  Published by Cengage, you can request textbooks on your customized GameSalad quote, purchase via online retailers, or directly from the publisher. Are you an educator looking to request a sample copy?  You’ll need an account with Cengage; follow […]