What platforms can GameSalad publish to?

GameSalad Basic users may publish to the GameSalad Arcade, our proprietary HTML5 service, and may also utilize the GameSalad Viewer to test natively on iOS and Android devices. GameSalad Pro users may publish to the following platforms: GameSalad Arcade Standalone HTML5 export iOS Universal iPhone iPad Android Amazon Kindle Fire […]

How do I make games?!

That’s a very complicated question, but we’re glad you asked!  In fact, helping you answer that question is really our mission here. The best way to learn how to do something is simply to start doing!  The website you’re on now, learn.gamesalad.com, is designed to help you learn how to […]

What happened to the free version of GameSalad?

Recently, GameSalad transitioned to a subscription-required model with a time-limited free trial.  As a result, there is no longer a completely free version of GameSalad, and without a valid subscription, you cannot use the tool.  For more details on the reasons behind this move, as well as how it will affect existing […]

What ad networks does GameSalad PRO support?

GameSalad supports several of the leading ad networks: iAd (iOS only; banner ads) UpSight (formerly PlayHaven) (iOS only; interstitials and cross-promotion network on startup) ChartBoost (iOS and Android; interstitial and startup) RevMob (iOS and Android; interstitial and startup) AdMob (iOS and Android; banner and interstitial)

Can I make money building apps with GameSalad?

Yes you can! All GameSalad subscribers can access money-making features such as In-App Purchase and ad networks, but you must be a GameSalad Pro subscriber to publish these apps to platforms other than the GameSalad Arcade. Here are some useful articles that explain how to implement ad networks and IAP in your […]