Creator Win 0.13.34 released

Fixes: Reduced Creator Setup file size by removing the full .NET installer. It will now only download .NET 4.5.1 if it’s not already installed. Native Preview engine has been updated to be more in line with Mac Creator’s Preview Fixed memory leaks with published apps BugSplat now automatically sends crash […]

Creator Win 0.13.33 released

Fixes: Revmob Fullscreen and Banner ads should now work again on Android Installer now requires Creator to be closed before installing Updated APK signing tool to allow keys and passwords with spaces in them Fixed issue when user upgrades an “Everyone” install with “Only Me” Updated Report Bug URL We […]

Creator Win 0.13.32 released

Fixes: Fixed crash when taking screenshots in Native Preview Fixed crash when removing a scene that a Change Scene behavior was referencing Fixed remaining crash issues with login Improved stability of Bonjour Connector used for Android Viewer over Wi-Fi User created table limit now set to 99 to match Mac […]