Creator Mac 0.13.35 released


  • Added Game Device Platform attributes that you can use to detect the Region, Language, OS Name, OS Version, and Device Model of the device running your app.
  • Added a “Missing Asset” image to images in the library that no longer have an actual image associated with it in the gameproj.


  • iOS Viewer should once again build on iPhone 6 and 6+ Simulators
  • Project Size has been removed (the number that was at the bottom right corner) since it didn’t really work correctly.
  • Fixed Request Purchase Data not sending or receiving data. In-App Purchases should now work again.
  • Fixed Resolution Independence only loading the lowest resolution images in an app.
  • Fixed the wrong images getting deleted in the Images Library when an image is replaced with an image that has the same filename but different case (image.png replaced with IMAGE.png for example)