5. Preparing an App for submission via App Store Connect

Before you can submit an application to the Apple store you must first set up information about the application you plan to submit. You can provide this information to Apple using App Store Connect.

You can download more detailed information on the steps listed here from the App Store Connect Developer Guide.

NOTE: The online form contains a number of circled question marks that provide you with hints and support if you require assistance with any of the required information.

Provide Basic Application Information

Log into App Store Connect by following the link: https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/.

Then select ‘My Apps‘ from the home page. This provides you with access to applications you have already submitted, applications that are pending approval, or applications you are about to set up and submit.

In order to set up information for a new application, select the ‘Add New App‘ button.

If you are a licensed developer for both iOS and Mac desktop applications, you will be asked to specify the type of application you are adding. Select the ‘iOS App‘ button. Next you are passed to the ‘App Information‘ page. Fill in the required information as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.03.51 PM

  1. The App Name that is to appear in the App Store.
  2. The SKU Number which is a unique identifier that you can use to identify your application.
  3. The Bundle ID that is used to uniquely identify your product with Apple.
  4. Select Continue.

Provide Date and Pricing

The date and pricing page allows you to specify when your application is to become available and how much you expect to be paid for people downloading your application. You can access the pricing matrix to determine the amount paid to you from a specific price specified. This page also provides a link to specific stores, allowing you to specify regional stores from which your application should be accessible. Move to the next page by selecting ‘Continue‘.

Provide Meta Data, Rating, EULA and Uploads

The Meta Data, Rating, EULA and Uploads page allows you to provide information that is used to associate your application with search queries, contact information, an age rating, a license agreement and images that can be displayed at different stages when potential customers browse for your application or download it to their device. Once you have provided all the required information, select ‘Save‘.

NOTE: Be sure to create images with the correct dimensions for upload. Incorrectly sized images will not load.

Summary Information

Once you have saved all of the required information, you are presented with an application information page. From there, select ‘View Details’ to take you to the View Details screen. Then select the ‘Ready to Upload’ button.

You will now be asked a question about export compliance. Once you have completed the compliance requirements, you can move on by clicking ‘Ready for Upload‘.

NOTE: You can only load your application using the Application Loader when the status of your application is ‘Waiting for Upload’ in App Store Connect.