4. Publish Game to iOS

  1. In GameSalad Creator open the game you are looking to publish or test.Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.53.59 PM
  2. Click publish. This will open an external browser of your Portfolio on GameSalad.com.Apple publishing home page
  3. Either publish as a New Game or Select existing game if you updating a preexisting game.Apple publishing publish as new game
  4. Select the Apple Platform you are looking to publish to iOS Universal, iPhone, iPad or Mac.Apple pub pick platform
  5. Upload an icon for your Game. Image must be a 512x512px PNG file or a 1024x1024px for Mac icons.apple pub pick icon
  6. Enter your Main Settings including:
    1. Nickname – This will help you identify your game.
    2. Bundle Identifier – This is identical to your App ID example: com.domainname.appname.
    3. Display Name – Name your published app will have your target platform.
    4. Version – This will remain at 1 unless you are updated your app, then this will be determined on how many previous versions you have.
      apple pub bundle id
  7. Choose the Orientation of your game whether it is Portrait or Landscape or both.
    apple pub orientation
  8. Select your Aspect Ration – This will be dependent on if you have put in place binary’s to support multiple devices.
    apple pub ratio
  9. If you are using a Custom Loading Wheel or Image upload those.
    apple pub custom image
  10. If you are using Open URL or Networking behaviors that do now use https then you will need to check the box for “Allow App To Talk To Any Domain Insecurely” It is recommended that you change your URL to https since Apple will start flagging games that do not.
    apple pub open url
  11. Check any Service Configuration that apply to your game.  If you are using Ads make sure to fill out the appropriate information in the Services tab.
    apple pub service config
  12. You are ready to Generate your App.
    apple pub generate app
  13. Once your App has been generated click Sign App. This will pop up a signing window, where you will select your Provisioning Profile.apple pub sign pick profile
  14. If you are testing your App on a device select your Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile. If you are submitting to iTunes Connect select App Store Provisioning Profile.  If this is your first time signing a pop up window may appear. Click Allow to access Keychain. Then select where you would like to save your App.
  15. The Congratulations window will open.  If you are testing on a device click finish.  If you are ready to submit to iTunes connect click Publish. This will generate an .ipa file that you will submit through Application Loader.apple pub congratulations