Android App Bundle (AAB) Terminal Signing

These steps are for how to sign your AAB file via Terminal using jarsigner. You will need to have already created a keystore and have the Java SE Development Kit. These steps will also assume that you followed the rest of the tutorial steps linked above.

First you will need to publish your game to your GameSalad portfolio and generate an AAB file to sign by clicking the “Build AAB” button.

After it’s done generating, click the Download button to download the unsigned AAB file.

Next, you will need to open up the Terminal. This can be done by using the keyboard shortcut command+space to pull up the spotlight tool, then type in “terminal” and hit enter.

If you are comfortable with using Terminal, go ahead and run the command below, replacing the bracketed parts as needed. If you aren’t comfortable with Terminal, we’ll go through filling in the command step-by-step below.

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore [path to keystore] -signedjar [name for the output signed file].aab [path to unsigned aab] [keystore alias]

AAB Signing (Step-By-Step)

First, copy/paste the following text into the Terminal window.

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore

Locate your keystore file in Finder (if you followed the previous tutorials it is most likely in your home directory).

Then, in the Terminal, add a space and drag and drop your keystore file into the window to fill in the path to the file.

A space should have been added automatically, but if one wasn’t add a space manually.

Then add the text –signedjar to the command.

Add a space, then add a name for the signed file to have with .aab on the end of it. For this example I’m using AndroidBundleSigned.aab

Add another space, and then drag the unsigned AAB file you downloaded from your GameSalad portfolio page into Terminal to fill in the path to it.

There should be a space already on the end of the command, but if there isn’t go ahead and add one.

Then type in the alias of the key inside your keystore. If you’re unsure what your key alias is there’s steps on how to find it below this image.

If you’re unsure what your key alias is, you can check by:

  • From your GameSalad portfolio page click the “Sign” button to open the signing tool in GameSalad
  • Select your keystore file and fill in the password for it
  • Press tab on your keyboard or select a different field in the tool
  • The name of the key in the dropdown is your key alias to use in the above command

The key alias is the last part of the command, so once you have it filled in you can run the command by pressing enter. If you have everything done correctly, it should ask you for your keystore password.

Fill in your keystore password and press enter to complete the signing process. You should see a lot of output, followed by “jar signed”.

The signed file should be located in your home directory (which you can access in finder with the keyboard shortcut command+shift+h)