How do I upgrade my Tizen Project to Required Version 2.3?

In the Tizen IDE you will first need to import your project.

In the top menu click on File -> Import.

In the dialog that pops up, choose “Tizen” and then choose “Web Project and Web Application File”

Tizen Web App Import Dialog 1

In the next dialog, choose “Select web application file” and then click “Browse” and select the *.wgt file you downloaded from your GameSalad Portfolio after generating the app.

Tizen Web App Import Dialog 2

Your project should now show up in the Project Explorer tab. Expand your project by double clicking on it and then double click on the config.xml to open it.

Tizen Config XML

Click on the “Tizen” tab and use the “Required version” dropdown to change the minimum SDK version.

Tizen Change Version Dialog

In the main menu, click File -> Save to save your change.

Right click on your project in “Project Export” to recreate the wgt file by clicking “Build Package”

Tizen Build Package

That’s it… if you’ve already set up your signing key, that should give you what you need!


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