How do I set up assignments in the Educator Dashboard?

GameSalad for Education comes with access to an Educator Dashboard for teacher accounts. This dashboard allows users to manage student passwords, download assets they have purchased such as Asset Packs or Curriculum units, and set up student accounts based on purchased licenses.

A new feature includes the ability to set up “Assignments”.  Teachers can use Assignments to give students a place to “turn-in” their game projects.

If you have not yet set up any assignments, you will see the following screen:


This provides a form to set up your first assignment. Most of the options are self explanatory. Setting a “Late Due Date” will allow a student to continue to submit projects after the official “due date”, in instances where you wish to allow this behavior.  If more than one instructor account is attached to a given block of students, you can choose which instructor “owns” this assignment.


If you are using the GameSalad curriculum, we’ve provided a “shortcut” to help you quickly set up corresponding assignments! Click on the “Click Here” link in the “Are you using the GameSalad Curriculum” box and you’ll see:


This dialog will let you set up all the assignments corresponding to units of the GameSalad curriculum. Unchecking a unit will automatically adjust dates to match the suggested assignment timeline. If you want to further customize dates, uncheck “Auto Update Assignment Dates” to stop the interface from automatically adjusting dates.

Once you have created your assignments, you will see a new tab on your dashboard:


As you can see, the tab will list all of your upcoming assignments and lets you Open, Archive or Delete assignments. Deleted assignments will not longer be visible to anyone. Archived assignments will appear in another table below the active assignments. Once an assignment has reached it’s End Date, and your students no longer need access to view the assignment, you should archive it.


When you “Open” an assignment, you will see the following:


Clicking on the gear icon next to the assignment title will allow you to edit the assignment parameters:


Submitting Student Projects

In order to “turn-in” projects, students will need to “Publish” apps by pressing the  orange “Publish” button inside GameSalad. This will upload the project to the GameSalad servers and give students options to generate apps from their game projects. In most cases, students will not want to generate apps or will only need to generate an “Arcade” app:


Once students “turn-in” assignments, you will see the following on a given assignment’s tab:


As you can see, you can Download the file, or if you click on the triangle next to the button you can also view the portfolio page for the game or delete this submission.  Deleting a submission is a way to “reset” submissions for a student. If you delete the submission, it doesn’t delete the game, but it does allow the student to turn in the game again.

As of this point, assignment submissions won’t prevent a student from updating the project attached to the submission. But by viewing the portfolio page, you can see the version history of a given submission and see the specific project version a student submitted before the deadline.

We build the Assignment system to make management of GameSalad based classes easier on instructors. If you have suggestions or feature requests, feel free to contact us by clicking on the “?” at the bottom right of the browser windows!

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