What information does GameSalad collect about my app?

When you install or run Apps or Games developed with GameSalad, we may collect some or all of the following information about the App or Game and your device hardware and software:

  • GameSalad App ID
  • Platform App ID
  • GameSalad User ID of the user that created the Application
  • Version of GameSalad Creator used to create the Application
  • Device Model and Manufacturer
  • Device OS version
  • Network and Carrier
  • IP Address
  • Device Locale Country and Language
  • Device Memory
  • Unique Device Identifier
  • Application Events
    1. When an in-app purchase is made.
    2. When an in-app purchase is restored.
    3. When an advertisement is displayed.
    4. When an advertisement is clicked.
    5. When an advertisement failed to load.
    6. When an advertisement was canceled.
    7. When an advertisement was closed after timeout.
    8. When an app icon is shown to the user in the cross promotion bar.
    9. When an app icon is clicked in the cross promotion bar.
    10. When the app changes scenes.
    11. When the tweet sheet is displayed.
    12. When achievements are shown.
    13. When leaderboards are shown.
    14. When a leaderboard is updated.
    15. When the app is started / resumed.

We collect this data for quality assurance purposes and to support the internal operations of our platform.  For GameSalad’s complete privacy policy, please visit http://www.gamesalad.com/privacy.

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