2 – Tags

In GameSalad, tags are a great way for organizing some of your actors into groups for rapid reference.

You might start out by creating a handful of tags that help you keep track of the different types of actors used in your project. For example, you could create new tags called “Player Units”, “NPC Units”, “Projectiles”, and “Walls”.

This is accomplished by clicking the “Actors” icon in the Library.  From there you’ll be able to create new tags, edit existing tags, and assign tags to actors.
To create a new tag, click the plus sign in the top right corner of the actors tab.
add tag
To assign a tag to an actor, drag the actor to the name of the tag in your Library.

Now when editing a scene you’ll be able to expand and collapse your different actor tags to show only actors that have been assigned a specific tag. And as an added benefit, you’ll be able to have a single “Collide” behavior affect multiple actors at once, by having it trigger based on a tag.

Ground actors tag
By starting off and staying organized, you’ll find that you have a better sense of the overall progress of your project. Tags are a great way to keep your actors organized, and reduce the number of behaviors you’ll have to utilize for things like collisions.