3 – Overview

Welcome to the Overview tutorial!  Here, we’d like to walk you through various parts of the Creator so you can learn a little more about the terminology we use.

Initial Scene of Project – When you launch GameSalad you will be presented with the Initial Project Scene.  This will have a default resolution of 480 x 320. From here you can start a new project or open a recent project.  Select File -> New -> Whether to save current project before closing.  Then you can input Project Title, Select the platform you would like to use and whether or not you would like to use resolution independence.  
Library – The library is made up of six tabs Scene, Layers, Actors, Media, Behaviors, and tables. You’ll spend a large portion of your game-creation time here, creating scenes, actors and tables, referencing behaviors, uploading new images and sounds, and navigating between actors.  We’ll go into all these areas in much more detail over the next few tutorials.
Stage – In the scene you will be able to access Camera Mode, Selection Mode, and Preview button for interim Testing and development.  You can also select the Backstage Cog to see inner workings of a specific actor when selected.  In the top right you can view coordinates and size for whomever the currently selected actor is.
Backstage –  From the Backstage you can access Game Attributes, Scene Attributes, actor configuration (logic and Self Attributes), and the content of anyTablesyou’ve set up. For this reason, it’s also where the ma- jority of your design implementation will be accomplished.