4.2 – Setting up the Chartboost ad network

About Chartboost  

Chartboost is the largest development platform powering the business of mobile games. Chartboost empowers developers to find new players and monetize their games, by providing them with the tools and analytics to make smarter decisions. This service can be used to add interstitial advertisements on to games on both the Android and iOS platforms!

NOTE: To include Chartboost ads in your game, you must publish using Creator version 11 (or newer).

Setting up Chartboost

First, visit www.chartboost.com/signup to create an account (if you don’t already have one). If you have an existing account, log in to it.

You need to create a unique app via the Chartboost dashboard for each platform below you’d like to support. 

  1. From the Dashboard, mouseover Apps in the green bar up top and select “Add App”

    You will then be taken to the Create A New App screen.
  2. From the Create A New App screen, click on the Select Platform drop down box and select the target platform.
  3. In the App Nickname field, type in a nickname for this App. 
    (Ignore the Search App Store button for now until your published app is already live with Chartboost enabled. Later, you can use this field to search for your published app on the iTunes. Google Play, and/or Amazon stores but for now it will just be used as a nickname for the Chartboost site.)
  4. Under App Orientation, click on BOTH Portrait and Landscape.NOTE: Chartboost for GameSalad is only set up to use both orientations for ads. 
  5. After selecting both orientations, another field will appear underneath: “Please select the default orientation for this app”. Please choose your app’s actual orientation. 

    – The Deep Link URL (iOS) field can be ignored. Android and Amazon will not see this field.– Make sure Test Mode is set to Disabled.
  6. Now that you are done with this page (Advanced Settings and the rest of the tabs can be ignored for now), click on the green Done button on the bottom right hand side of the page.If your app will be available on multiple platforms, you will need to do this for each platform. Just click on Apps up top again then click on Add App and follow the steps above. NOTE: You do NOT need to set up multiple apps for each iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, Universal Binary) as they will all use the same iOS campaign and app IDs.

Creating an Ad Campaign

Now that you have your app(s) set up in Chartboost, it’s time to add it to a campaign so you can start seeing ads in the app.

  1. To begin, mouse over Campaigns in the green bar on the top of the page, mouseover Add Campaign, and finally click on Publish in the Network.
    This will take you to the Network Publishing Campaign page on the Simple Settings tab.
  2. From the Simple Settings page, make sure Campaign is set to ON so you can see ads.
  3. Fill out the Name of Campaign. You can choose any name.
  4. Campaign Start and Campaign End let you set specific start and end dates for your campaign. For now, just leave these at their defaults Immediate and None respectively.
  5. For Select Apps, click the Choose Platform drop down box and select the target platform.
  6. A new field will appear with the app you set up in chartboost. Click the Checkbox under Select App in order to select it for this campaign.
  7. Once that’s done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green Save button. The Campaign Logic and Campaign Targeting sections can be ignored for now.NOTE: Like the App setup, if your game runs on multiple platforms, you will need to make a campaign for each platform (iOS, Android, and Amazon). Follow the steps above again to make the other campaigns. Also, like the app setup, you do not need to make a campaign for each iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, Universal Binary).

Adding Chartboost to Your GameSalad Project

There are two types of Ads that GameSalad supports with Chartboost: Startup and Interstitial. Startup Ads will only appear after the initial loading screen (the custom loading screen you set up in Web Publishing). Interstitial Ads will show up between scene changes.
NOTE: If you plan on only using Startup Ads and do not plan on using Interstitial Ads (ads that popup between scene changes) with your app then you do not need to do anything extra to your project. You can skip to the next section that details what you need to do in Web Publishing.

To utilize Chartboost Interstitial Ads, all you need to do is make sure that the Enable Advertisement is checked in the Change Scene behaviors where you want advertisements to show.

The remainder of the process takes place after uploading your game to the Web Publishing system.

Configuring GameSalad Web Publishing

  1. Obtain the Chartboost App ID and App Signature for your app. These will be used to correspond your GameSalad project with the app you set up on the Chartboost Site. The IDs are platform specific so make sure to grab the correct one for your app. – Go to your account’s Apps Overview page (dashboard.chartboost.com/app) and click on the platform tab that matches your app. Mouseover App ID to find your game’s App ID and App Signature. 
  2. Add this information to the app in your Web Publishing Portfolio– In your Portfolio entry for this app, click on Services then ChartBoost– Fill in the App ID and App Signature under the appropriate platform for your app. Make sure to allow each field to save.
  3. With the App ID and Signature set, the next step is to click on the platform for your project (under platforms) and set up Service Configuration– From the Platform page (i.e. Android, iOS Universal, iPad, etc.), scroll down to the bottom where Service Configuration is located.
    – Click on the Chartboost checkbox for the type of ads you want to display in your game (Interstitial and/or Startup)
  4. Fill out the rest of the page as normal and click Generate App.
  5. Sign the app once it is generated and load it on your test device. You should start seeing Chartboost ads!

Once you’ve launched and you’re ready to go, explore the Chartboost documentation – you’ll find campaign setup and optimization information that will help you start monetizing or acquiring users

Checking Ad Impressions for Chartboost Campaigns

Now that you’re seeing Chartboost Ads in your GameSalad apps, you may be interested in tracking the impressions for your Chartboost campaigns.

You can do this on the Chartboost website. From the Dashboard, click on Campaigns in the green bar up top and then click on Analytics.

You will be taken to the Analytics page where you can see the breakdown for each Campaign and the various filters you can use to narrow down your search.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Chartboost directly via email –GameSalad@chartboost.com