2 – Installing the Tizen SDK

The Tizen SDK is a set of software tools used to create Tizen apps. It includes the Tizen IDE for building and signing, an emulator for testing, and several programs that can be run from the Terminal.


  • Mac or Windows computer
  • Oracle® Java 6

Download and install

Visit www.tizen.org to find the latest Tizen SDK download. Look for the Install Manager download section.

  • Mac: You want the one named Mac OS X (Intel).
  • Windows: You most likely want the one named Windows 7 64bits. Only if you have an older Windows computer, you may need 32bits instead.

Download the file to your computer and open the Install Manager program.

Let the installer choose the default folder location and components to install.

For Mac, the install folder should be ~/tizen-sdk, which is the same as /Users/<yourname>/tizen-sdk. (~ is a shortcut to your home directory).

When the installation is complete, you must restart your computer.