3 – Setting up the Tizen IDE and security profile

Tizen IDE (integrated development environment) is the program used to build and sign apps. There’s a few setup steps to follow the first time you open the IDE.

Run Tizen IDE


  1. Open Finder to your home user folder (the one with your name).
  2. Open folder ‘tizen-sdk’.
  3. Open folder ‘ide’.
  4. Open program ‘TizenIDE’.


  1. From the Start Menu: open Tizen SDK > Tizen IDE

Choose a workspace folder

First, you will be prompted to choose a workspace folder. This is the folder where your apps will appear after you import them. The folder must be under your home user folder, so it should start with /Users/<yourname>/. We recommend you choose the name “tizen-workspace” instead of the default “workspace” to avoid confusion, but any folder name is allowed. We will refer back to this folder after each app is built to get the final binary file.

Next, you will see a welcome screen. Click “Workbench” to switch to the Project Explorer screen.

Create a security profile

The security profile is a necessary configuration that is used to sign an app binary.

    1. Open the Preferences window.
    2. From the left menu, expand Tizen SDK > Security Profiles.

  1. Under the Profiles section, click Add, name it “gamesalad”.
  2. Select the gamesalad profile and click Set Active.
  3. Under the Author Certificate section, click Generate
    • Enter “gamesalad” for Key filename and Alias
    • Enter a password of your choosing
    • Leave the other optional fields blank

  1. If prompted to Generate, click Yes
  2. Click OK. These settings will now be used for all your Tizen apps.