7 – Submitting to the Tizen Store

Visit seller.tizenstore.com to sign up as a Tizen developer. It’s free! There you will be able to create and manage your apps, set prices, create IAP items, track statistics and more. To sell your game or support in-app purchases, you’ll need to upgrade your account to Commercial Seller status (also free!) and provide Tizen with some banking information so you can receive payments. Refer to Tizen’s documentation for the most accurate details on all the services they provide.

Upload app binary

You’ve designed, built, and tested your game. Now it’s time to submit to the store.

  1. Follow the process to create a new app or edit an existing one. Tizen’s help and documentation will have the most up-to-date instructions.
  2. You will be prompted for icons, screenshots, description text, web links, and so on.
  3. When prompted to upload the binary, choose the signed .wgt file that was created in the tizen-workspace folder.
  4. Submit! You’ll receive communications from the Tizen team with updates on the status of your app or reports of any issues.