3. Generate your app

  1. Create a Folder on your Desktop and name it anything you’d like. For this example we named ours CordovaTest.
  2. Press your Windows key, type in “cmd”, and hit enter to launch the command prompt. Type cd and drag the folder you created into the Command Prompt then hit enter.
    Cordova 6
  3. Run the following command using whatever you want your app folder to be called (we used “MyApp”), Bundle ID, and the name of your app.
    cordova create FolderName BundleID AppName

    Cordova 7

  4. Change the directory to the folder you just created.
    cd FolderName

    Cordova 8

  5. Run the following command to add the Windows platform to your Cordova app folder.

    cordova platform add windows --save

    Cordova 9

  6. Run the following command to check that you have everything needed installed.

    cordova requirements

    Cordova 10 Cordova 11

  7. Navigate to the app folder you created with Cordova.

    Cordova 12

  8. Add the HTML5 folder that you generated and downloaded earlier to your app folder.

    Cordova 13

  9.  Delete the “www” folder that is contained in the app folder and rename your HTML5 folder “www”.

    Cordova 14

  10. Open your renamed folder. Delete the files “sample-frame”, “sample-index” and “sample-inline”.  Keep “sample-cordova-index”.

    Cordova 15

  11. Rename the “sample-cordova-index” file to “index”.

    Cordova 16

  12. Run the following command to update the Windows platform within your Cordova app folder.

    cordova platform update windows --save

    Cordova 17

  13. Run the following command to build your project to the Windows platform.

    cordova build windows

    Cordova 18

  14. Run the following command to launch your app.

    cordova run windows

    Cordova 19

  15.  If you receive a message that you need a developer certificate or account, log into your Windows Developer account. Powershell will run to install a certificate in your app. Type “y” and press enter to continue.

    Cordova 21

  16. If you are given a success message press enter to launch your app immediately.

    Cordova 22

  17. Your app is now installed on your computer and you can search in Windows for it by using the app name.

Cordova 23