2 – Running the iOS Viewer

First you will need to install the Viewer Support.

  1. Launch GameSalad Creator.
  2. Go to the  Tools menu, select Install Viewer Supportinstallviewer_720-1

Now, you can view your project on your iOS Device via Wi-Fi.

  1. Ensure that your iOS device and system are on the same wireless network
  2. Start GameSalad Viewer on your iOS device
  3. Wait until GameSalad Apple Viewer says “Connected to Wi-Fi” in the bottom left corner with a green Dot icon
  4. In GameSalad Creator, right-click on the Apple icon above the stage and select your device from the list.select_device_720

In a few seconds, you should be able to test your game on your device. This method allows for quick iterations of your game and trying out changes prior to publishing.