3 – Installing the Android Viewer (manually)

  1. Download the latest GameSalad Android Viewer from http://gamesalad.com/download/latest/android-viewer
  2. Type “adb install” into the command prompt, add a space, and then drag the GSViewer.apk file into the command prompt window. It should look similar to this:
  3. CMD5
    Hit enter, and if everything is set up correctly this should install the GameSalad Android Viewer onto your device!
  4. CMD6Viewer
    We’ll discuss using the Android Viewer in the next section.

WARNING: GameSalad Creator and Viewer version numbers must match for the two to work together!


If you receive this error message when installing an apk on your Android device:


It means that there is already a version of that apk installed on it. You need to uninstall the existing version prior to installing the apk again.