How do students access curriculum?

Go to Select “Classroom” in the top right. Click the profile icon in the top right and select Log in from the dropdown. Log in with your account credentials. Select your OS to access courses specific to Mac or Windows. Select the Course you would like to take.. Enter […]

How do I download GameSalad?

Technology Specifications: GameSalad is comprised of two technology components: 1. Creator – A game development environment where game development actually takes place. GameSalad Creator runs on: Macs – OS X 10.7 (Lion) and Newer. (44.5 MB Download) PCs – Windows 7 and Newer. (55 KB Download /118 MB when unpacked) […]

Does GameSalad support Joystick?

Yes it does! Visit our documentation page and download GameSalad’s Official Cross-Platform Controller Template for more information on how to put Joystick support in your game.

How do I make an Android game?

There is no particular platform for Android, since there are so many different devices. You can size your scene to fit the particular Android device you are looking to make a game for. Here’s a handy link from Google that details the breakdown of screen sizes on current Android users: […]

Can I make a 3D game?

GameSalad is a 2D tool, so you cannot make games that incorporate true 3D movement.  However, many games made with 3D art assets are quite possible in GameSalad, if you export your 3D renders to sprites.  This type of game is often referred to as “2.5D” because the assets appear […]

Can GameSalad help me make my game?

Right now, we do not offer any “contract” or “for-hire” services. As an alternative, you could reach out to other community members who are offering these types of services. They can often be found here: Should you hire an outside party to work on your project, we absolutely advise that […]

Where can I find art for my game?

You have the ability to create your own images or artwork and upload them into your games. We do offer free Crouton packets on GameSalad Academy. Visit Marketplace for free and purchasable art, and be sure to check out our tutorials and templates (within the Creator) for assets you can […]