How do I download GameSalad?

Technology Specifications:

GameSalad is comprised of two technology components:

1. Creator – A game development environment where game development actually takes place.

GameSalad Creator runs on:

  • Macs – OS X 10.7 (Lion) and Newer. (44.5 MB Download)
  • PCs – Windows 7 and Newer. (55 KB Download /118 MB when unpacked)
  • Chromebooks (only supported with the web version)
  • Core 2 Duo or later CPU required
  • Minimum of 2GB of RAM recommended

2. Viewer App – This is where Students can actually play the games they create.

The GameSalad Viewer can be downloaded on to the following devices:

  • iPhone 4 and later (iOS 7 and later)
  • iPads (iOS 7 and later)
  • Android Devices (Running 2.3.3 – Gingerbread and later)
  • Kindle Fire Tablets (All versions)
  • Most Browsers (Chrome and Firefox work best)
  • Amazon Fire Phones

You can download GameSalad from here.

The web version of GameSalad is accessible here.


GameSalad Creator uses standard http / https ports depending on the various stage of launching and login. The launcher connects to urls rooted at and  The former is used to download versioning data while the latter is redirected to our CDN for larger downloaded files.

The login process connects to urls rooted at

Once logged in, the app can be run in offline mode for up to  7 days.  However, at that time, it will attempt to revalidate your account status.  We recommend that you allow the app to access  and for uninterrupted service.

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